Wholesale of pharmaceuticals is the focus of our business. As part of the PHOENIX Group, we offer a wide range of services, providing daily seamless deliveries of medicines and other healthcare products. We deliver about 10 million packages every day on a global level, wherever they are needed. Reliable, fast national coverage in 26 European countries.

PHOENIX Pharma EOOD provides 100% national coverage in Bulgaria, thanks to its long-term professional experience and its warehouse facilities located in 5 key points of the country. Our exclusively designed and well-developed distribution network allows the company to build excellent business relations with almost all pharmacies and hospitals in Bulgaria. To date, we have been successfully working with over 3 500 clients.

PHOENIX - Търговия на едро - Складове в България

regional center Sofia

regional center Plovdiv

Regional center Veliko Tarnovo

Regional center Varna

Regional center Burgas

  • 5 regional warehouse facilities in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Veliko tarnovo;
  • 10 500 sq.m. total storage area;
  • 650 employees, including 130 employed in sales;
  • a fleet of 140 vehicles;
  • over 3000 clients – pharmacies and hospitals across the country;
  • over 400 partners – manufacturers.
Reliable, safe and effective. Across Europe.

We offer a unique level of European market coverage. A number of our customers receive deliveries several times a day, and our goal is to ensure reliable and secure national supply of medicines – always focused on the needs of the pharmacies and their patients. This is the result of our diverse product portfolio. Delivering up to 140,000 items of 1,500 manufacturers, depending on the region, we are the market leader in the field of pharmaceutical wholesale in ten European countries.