General terms of delivery


1.1. These Terms of delivery of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD / hereinafter shortly referred to as the “General Terms”/ govern the relationship between PHOENIX Pharma EOOD on one side, and all buyers, on the other side. The Buyer agrees and accepts these General terms and conditions by placing an order for the supply of goods by PHOENIX Pharma EOOD via the online ordering system, through the pharmacy software or through the dealers of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD.

1.2. PHOENIX Pharma EOOD reserves its right to amend the general terms and conditions, whereby any amendment takes effect immediately after its publication on the website The changes in the General Terms do not affect the relations between PHOENIX Pharma EOOD and the buyer arising before the publication of information about the changes on the website.


2. Buyers order goods using the standard program Pharmacy Expert 2, program Pharmacy Expert 2 Central, Internet address: or by contacting us at: 0700 444 44 (* at the price of a local call).


3. The unit price of goods is determined based on the current price list of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD at the time of the order, including the VAT due.


4.1. PHOENIX Pharma EOOD delivers the goods within 24 /twenty-four/ hours of receiving the order in question, to the address specified by the buyer.

4.2. The date of delivery shall be the date on which the goods have arrived at the buyer’s location, pursuant to a tax invoice or an acceptance report signed by both parties.

4.3. The transfer of goods is carried out at the site under section 4.1 in the presence of representatives of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD and the buyer. Upon transferring the goods both parties shall sign a tax invoice or an acceptance report, certifying that the goods have been received.

4.4. For the supply of certain goods, the buyer must possess the relevant permit, certificate and / or license issued by the competent authorities in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation, where the buyer is obliged to provide PHOENIX Pharma EOOD with a copy of the relevant permit, certificate and/or license, accompanied by the text “true copy”, prior to placing an order for delivery of the relevant goods.


5. Payment shall be made in cash at the time of delivery (subject to the restrictions of the Limitation of Cash Payments Act) or by a bank transfer in advance.


6. The quality of the products meets the technical standards of the manufacturer.


7.1. Claims for obvious defects will be accepted within 24 /twenty-four/ hours from the date of delivery of the goods.

7.2. Claims for hidden defects will be accepted within the shelf life of the product.

7.3. Claims and complaints may be submitted at the following telephone number: 0700 444 44 (* at the price of a local call).


8. Processing of the personal data of customers is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection.