In 2013 we launched the sales and marketing service PHOENIX Pharma – telemarketing, which is unique for the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market. The service is intended for all our clients on the pharmacy market and its purpose is to support their daily work using established marketing tools and most importantly – personal attitude.

To date we have completed over 200 successful commercial campaigns that are the result of our extremely fruitful cooperation with our partners and with pharmacies.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing represents focal campaigns of one or more manufacturers, which for a two-week period offer the most attractive top products and discounts that pharmacies can obtain only from PHOENIX Pharma. These additional discounts are specially negotiated for our clients.

What is unique about the Telemarketing service?

Unlike any other commercial campaigns that we offer, TELEMARKETING promotions are offered personally by phone by a dedicated dealer team trained in the focal supply of the products of each promotional offer.

Our main mission is to be a reliable and innovative partner who always offers what our customers need and accompanies them on the road to success!


Yasen Gensuzov

Contact Center Manager

tel 02 / 965 88 61