Healthcare software

For its 15 years of presence on the pharmaceutical market, PHOENIX Pharma has proven to be a company that always strives to offer relevant and quality services to its customers. We are pioneers in launching various sales and marketing programs aimed at supporting and improving the quality of work of our clients and partners.

An integral part of this process is the computer department of PHOENIX Pharma, which has proven to be one of the best in the development of software products closely associated with the management of pharmaceutical facilities, such as warehouses, pharmacies and drugstores. To keep the success achieved in this area, the company relies mostly on its qualified specialists, but we also have to thank our numerous customers for their kind cooperation.

As a result of this collaboration the idea for the development of an automated information system “Pharmacy Expert” was born, followed by the “Pharmacy Central” program. Both programs are designed to facilitate the work of our clients, while increasing their opportunities for better profits.

Software products


The PHARMACY EXPERT software program is designed for pharmacies and drugstores and covers all of their activities. It was created to facilitate the daily work of employees and improve the service quality of each pharmacy. The program offers all kinds of queries, reports and updates that are designed to make your work enjoyable and trouble free.


The software program PHARMACY EXPERT can be used both by individual pharmacies (outlets) and pharmacy chains.


  • Provides a closed business cycle
  • Quick and easy customer service
  • Order to a supplier generated based on predetermined criteria
  • Automatic registration of goods from different suppliers
  • Tracking of stocks and movement of goods
  • Fast inventory checks – compatible with various software products
  • Unification of items, preserving the item history
  • Prescription printing
  • Periods and prescription Calculator
  • Log of prescriptions made
  • Аutomatic check for unapplied updates under NHIF


PHARMACY CENTRAL information system is designed for pharmacy chains, allowing the owners of multiple pharmacies to have real-time access to all their sites without having to visit them. The PHARMACY CENTRAL system connects the PHARMACY EXPERT running programs of individual sites, providing the necessary functionality of the centralized information system.


The PHARMACY CENTRAL software program is primarily designed for pharmacy chains.


  • Central management of several sites
  • Unified nomenclature (goods, suppliers and customers
  • Automatic transfer of items between sites
  • Uniting items at a central level, preserving item history
  • Online editing of items
  • Orders for supplies – summarized or per site
  • A large number of reports – generating reports for a particular site, for sites or for all at once, and many others
  • Editing access rights on a central level
  • Fast inventory check – compatible with various software products
  • Web-based system allowing Internet and mobile devices access

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