Pohl Boskamp

The company is a world famous manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Since its establishment in 1835 it has been an example of extremely high quality of solutions and innovations in the field of healthcare for our consumers.

Innovations for the well-being of the patient
The company is oriented to the real needs of patients. Therefore, when developing its products, it studies the expectations and requirements of consumers in order to offer them not only medicinal products, but also high-quality health care. Therefore, one of Pohl Boskamp’s messages is not just a coincidence: Innovation – Performance – Friendly attitude towards patients.

One of the key brands of Pohl Boskamp is GeloMirtol – an over-the-counter medicinal product for acute and chronic sinusitis and bronchitis, which is well known on the Bulgarian market. Annually the consumers in the country and worldwide purchase over 250 million capsules of GeloMirtol.

Since 2015 the product line of Pohl Boskamp in Bulgaria was expanded with the innovative product for hoarse voice and dry throat – GeloRevoice. These are unique lozenges that protect the lining of the mouth and throat and stimulate its regeneration.

Pohl Boskamp has been partnering with PHOENIX Pharma Bulgaria since 1999.