Pharmaceutical safety, also known as pharmacovigilance, is the process of collecting, monitoring, researching and evaluating the information obtained from healthcare providers and patients in order to obtain a clear picture of any issues related to the medicinal products and their prevention.

If you have any concerns and seek advice regarding your health or treatment, you can turn to your physician or pharmacist, who can best help you. If you experience a side effect associated with the exclusive products represented by PHOENIX Pharma, please send us a report via the email contact by filling in the attached form.

To submit a valid message, you need to fill in at least the fields marked with an asterisk (*). Do not hesitate to send a message even when you do not have all the information necessary for completing the form.

Reports for adverse drug reactions may be sent at: Sofia 1700, 199A Okolovrasten Pat St. Tel.: +359 889 91 52 55 Fax: +359 2 9658 172 or  +359 2 9658 828 Further information about the process of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) reporting can be found here