Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Almost 200 years of tradition, combined with innovative scientific achievements.

Since its establishment in 1826 the company’s mission has always been to ensure the health and welfare of people. For nearly 200 years Klosterfrau has been developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products – mainly OTC products and medicinal products.

To date it has a portfolio of over 30 brands, including almost 220 products marketed in Germany. In addition to its core markets in Austria and Central Europe, Klosterfrau extends its business in Eastern Europe, North America and Asia.

In Bulgaria the company is represented by the well-known brands Neo-angin – for sore throat, Junior-angin – for sore throat and dry cough in children and Nasic and Nasic Kids – a cold relief.

Klosterfrau Healthcare Group has been a partner of PHOENIX Pharma Bulgaria since 2008.