Exclusive Business

The Exclusive business department of PHOENIX Pharma was established in 1998 and offers selected products of its partners-manufacturers on the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market, as well as marketing of outsourced products of various pharmaceutical producers. In cooperation with them the department conducts the overall marketing required for the successful establishment of the respective brands and achieving the goals set. This includes market analysis, development of a successful strategy and its further implementation.

The successful activity in Bulgaria is accomplished as a result of the professional work of a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of ethical and OTC marketing and the experienced medical and OTC trade representatives covering the whole country and the respective target groups. The team of the Exclusive Business department consists of product managers, head of medical representatives, national sales manager, team leader and sales manager of the Omega (Perrigo) Team, manager of the Accord Team, medical advisor, sales analyst, Regulatory Activities manager and a local Pharmacovigilance officer, logistics manager and medical and OTC trade representatives. The entire workflow is coordinated and managed by the Exclusive Business director.

Product distribution, promotion of trade conditions and merchandising are carried out with the active support of the team of regional sales managers of PHOENIX Pharma.