PHOENIX group sustains growth course in first quarter

  • Total operating performance and revenue increased again
  • EBITDA before one-off effects exceeds previous year’s figure
  • Net debt further reduced

Mannheim, 24 June 2021 – The PHOENIX group continued its growth course in the first quarter (30/04/2021) of fiscal year 2021/22. The pan-European healthcare provider’s revenue grew by €69.0 million (1.0 per cent) in comparison with the previous year to €7.3 billion. In the first quarter, total operating performance increased by €84.2 million in relation to the comparison period, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, to €9.3 billion. This key figure, which is relevant to pharmaceutical wholesale, comprises revenue and handling for service charge.

“After a challenging fiscal year 2020/21, in which we withstood the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to continue our growth in the first quarter of 2021/22. The increase in revenue and earnings shows that the PHOENIX group is on a stable course and that we are once again heading for a solid fiscal year,” emphasises Sven Seidel, Chief Executive Officer of PHOENIX Pharma SE.

EBITDA adjusted for one-off effects exceeds previous year’s figure
In the first three months of the fiscal year, EBITDA adjusted for one-off effects rose by €9.2 million to €167.2 million. This corresponds to an increase of 5.8 per cent. EBITDA decreased from €168.9 million to €134.5 million. There were two significant one-off effects: In the first quarter of the previous year, non-recurring income in connection with COVID-19 in the United Kingdom resulted in increased pharmacy funding of €10.9 million from the National Health Service (NHS). In the first quarter of the current fiscal year 2021/22, costs related to measurement of inventories amounted to €−32.7 million.

Positive financial position
As of the reporting date of 30 April, the company’s equity increased from €2.8 billion in the same quarter of the previous year to €3.0 billion. As of 30 April 2021, the equity ratio stood at 29.7 per cent (30 April 2020: 29.2 per cent). Net debt was reduced in comparison with the same quarter of the previous year by €155 million to €2.3 billion.

Growth forecast
For the fiscal year 2021/22, the PHOENIX group anticipates a rise in revenue slightly above the growth level of the European pharmaceutical markets. Profit before tax is expected to be slightly above the level seen in 2020/21. The equity ratio is also expected to increase slightly.

Key figures of PHOENIX Pharma SE compared with the same period of the previous year

 1st quarter 2020/21

in €m

1st quarter 2021/22

in €m

Total operating performance19,224.99,309.1
Total income2772.9751.9
EBITDA (before significant one-off effects)158.0167.2
EBITDA 168.9134.5
Profit after tax (before significant one-off effects)50.060.0
Profit after tax58.836.1
Equity ratio (in %)329.229.7
Net debt32,420.22,265.3

(Balance sheet date 30/04/2021)

1 Total operating performance = revenue + handled volume (handling for service charge).
2 Total income = gross income + other operating income.
3 As at reporting dates 30/04/2020 and 30/04/2021.

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