What measures does PHOENIX Pharma take in the crisis situation

Dear partners,

The dissemination of Covid-19 in the country and the state of emergency introduced by Order of the Ministry of Health of 13.03.20 require immediate action by all companies to assist and deal with the situation.

The management of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD takes the situation very seriously and we want to assure you that we are taking all possible measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees and partners, as well as to secure the business processes in the company. Some of the measures we have already taken are:

  • Proactive information to our employees and guidelines for virus prevention;
    Provision of protective equipment for our employees (disinfectants, gloves, masks, etc.);
  • Ban of all business trips outside the territory of the country;
  • Maximum restriction of business trips and work meetings in the country;
  • Limited access to external visitors on the territory of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD;
  • Development of business continuity plans depending on the situation.

We believe that together with perseverance, discipline and commitment, we will all help to overcome the current situation and restore our normal rhythm of life.

We will keep you informed in the event of any changes.

Be healthy!

Kind regards,
The team of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD